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Feel grandma part: The Yi nationality feels the girl that suckle a section to go into the street to let a person feel casually (graph)
the celebration that the Yi nationality feels the girl that suckle a section to go into the street to let a person feel the ” that suckle a section casually is culture of tradition of local the Yi nationality, annual ” of “ spirit division, be the traditional Chinese calendar on July 14, 15 days with 3 days this 16 days, besides ” of good besides “ of the hold a memorial ceremony for that burn paper brother, will press down the mem and women that go up, should appear only the regulation that is about to abide by “ to feel the ” that suckle a section, it is the man is felt gladly, it is the woman is about to be accepted happily be felt. Allegedly, when just beginning to touch girl breast, they are very bashful really, can avoid instinctively. But, absolutely impossible fall out, chafe. Be in giggle, in the atmosphere that be partly compliant, continued to go up the custom of chiliad is showing wonderful strength. After the festival passes, the girl often is felt with the breast, as interesting and excited memory. Boy of course more felt to contact the girl, very honorable. The boy is with touching a breast lucky, girls are with be being felt to suckle creditable. Allegedly, the girl the time that is felt is more, or the boy the time ugg schweiz of feeling is more, each other are more successful feeling. Fabulous, a lot of moment, very beautiful girl, often be surrounded by one swarm man, beside her, ugg bailey button thickly dotted, full world is a hand. Hapless
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